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Below is a high-level summary of my SAPPHR System™ - Special Armour Performance Platform for Healthy Resilience.  By using a pragmatic approach to ideate and to evaluate a project from a variety of perspective, that yields a luxury home that protects and comforts for generations.  Click on any heading to see a breakdown for that phase.

Harden  [Documentation]
I prepare the technical documents
Assemble and Evaluate  [Build]
I assist you through the construction process




I owe it to my clients to deliver exceptional service, and I can do that only if we're able to work well together.  I use the "Meet for Tea" exercise to give us the opportunity to find out:

  1. You fill out your Project Spark Synopsis [click here] and email it back to me.

  2. You pick one of my available times, and we meet by video or in person in downtown Vancouver.

  3. We briefly discuss your values, priorities, and needs.

  4. If we're both comfortable, you sign up for a R.A.D. Study™, and I will send an invoice.

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Vision and Feasibility



The best way to ensure that I understand your requirements that you understand both the limitations and opportunities available is a R.A.D. Study™  (Research, Analysis, Diagnosis)

  1. We meet to discuss your project in detail.

  2. You share with me your frustrations, objectives, values, and priorities.

  3. I research the regulations and site characteristics.

  4. I study your needs and wants.

  5. I present pre-design development / construction options and recommendations

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Once you've selected a direction to take based on the RAD Study, we begin to develop the design solution.  This stage is the first point at which sketches, drawings, and (if applicable) renderings will be prepared.  I take a more more methodical approach to the early stage of design, so you will need to hire one or more engineers or other consultants and a builder as a consultant early in the design.  To optimize the design, save money, and avoid expensive changes and surprises later, my Deep Blue Design™ process analyzes and accommodates the following aspects:

  • Outside forces (heat, cold, deluge, drought, flood, wind, quake, fire, power outage, air pollution)

  • Interior conditions (fresh air, daylight, humidity, temperature)

  • Ecological concerns (durability, embodied carbon, green footprint, waste stream, resource consumption)

  • Psychological impacts (biophilic finishes, spatial interest, lighting variety, pattern language)

  • Cost-effective design (optimized room layout, simple structure, optimized ventilation and plumbing schemes, maximum usage of space, simple construction details)

All buildings I design use key building materials and systems to maximize fire resistance and indoor air quality and comfort.  I use 3D modeling software to allow the client and builder to visualize clearly the finished product, to coordinate the construction, and to develop the daylighting design strategy (click here to read my article about daylighting).  In addition, I use the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software to tweak the design to maximize climate resilience and minimize operating costs.

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Every builder needs clear directions, and every owner needs confidence that what has been designed is what will be built.  My technical documents 'harden' the design into a comprehensive package to avoid guesswork or misinterpretation and to help ensure that the completed building performs optimally.  Drawings are developed from highly-detailed virtual model of the building, and I include scannable links in the drawings for the builders understand the design more quickly and quote the construction cost more accurately. 

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Once you have hired a builder, I remain involved in the project to review the construction progress until it is complete and you have moved in.  With my system, builders can access a virtual walkthrough of the building during construction; this minimizes confusion and delays and improves coordination to give you a better finished product.

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