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Building a high-performance luxury home or multiplex is something you need to get right!

Buildings are amazing things capable of great feats. They are places to feel safe enough to cry in your pillow, places to showcase the skills of world-class individuals, structures that keep you from being blown away by 200mph winds, cocoons that keep you dry from forty days and forty nights of rain (or 58 consecutive days if you live in Vancouver), containers that protect valuable possessions and invaluable families, they are a manifestation of accomplishment as much as status symbols, they are an opportunity to express an individual or a community, pieces of art and cause for pause by passersby, a sanctuary for old age, a possible refuge against infernos, they are capable of holding a moment in time frozen against the passage of time.

Discover aspects of high-performance you've never considered
Start planning your home project right now!

You've done all the research for your home remodel or house construction.  Download this free reference package and comprehensive workbook and to help you get all that information down in one place.  

What help do you need?

Not sure where to BEGIN?

My super-simple Beginner's Guide gives you a simple overview of the process of building or renovating a house in BC

This easy-to-follow planner walks you through the process of going from idea to building permit in Vancouver and surrounding cities

This easy-to-follow reference summarizes the stages of a construction project from inception to completion.


You deserve a healthier, more luxurious home, and my SAPPHR Strategy™ will prepare you for new energy efficiency levels required by cities across BC.

Discover How To Create Modern Net Zero and Off Grid Luxury Homes

Is your builder's home really tailored to you?  Let me illustrate how hiring an architect can get you a more interesting design.  The right architect can provide a beautiful, thoughtfully-designed, unique home design to suit your style and taste.  Most house architects want to push the bounds of design and enjoy redefining the modern house - to combine modern, sophisticated luxury with resource independence in a low-maintenance home.  The right designer is also your gateway to affordable net zero homes.  Is your architect still using traditional, flat drawings and you have to imagine the resulting building.  I can create immersive 3D renderings and images of your future house.

Worried about unpredictable builder quality?  Passive House design and certification ensures the highest quality build from the best quality home builders.

A noisy, messy construction site is embarrassing and a nuisance to your neighbours.  Prefabricated building components can be less expensive and result in shorter construction time - you get to move into your new home sooner.  Avoid unresponsive builders; peace of mind on your house construction by hiring the architect as a project manager, a third party to monitor the builder and avoid delays in construction.  You want a reliable architect that understands your needs and can guide you through your home build project.  How much does an architect cost?  Less than you might think.

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