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Building any multifamily building is a significant risk, and you want to nake sure you're making the right decisions to get the best return!

Build better, for less.

You've heard more about Passive House projects, and you're wondering if it's a viable strategy right now.  I have over a decade of experience bringing multifamily buildings to reality, and I can point you to case studies of buildings that have achieved top-end energy performance for 25% less construction cost and to Passive House multifamily buildings built for +/- 5% of construction cost for a typical building.

Whether you're building 5 units or 55 units, condo or rental, I can guide you into the world of high-sale, high-performance MURB construction.  Don't get left behind while other developers build their teams, establish their new proformas, and become the leaders in high-return residential development.

Are you interested in building a multiplex or houseplex such as what cities in BC are starting to adopt?  You may want to start reading one of the following series of articles:

How To Design A Multiplex in Vancouver

How To Design A Multiplex / Houseplex in Victoria

Once you feel comfortable with the process involved in multifamily construction and want to move forward, click below to book your free Diagnostic Session to discuss your development.

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