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DCA Coastal Seaside Luxury Concept

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Today I'm sharing some images from a work in progress -- a multi-generational luxury home overlooking the ocean. The house spans three levels: bedrooms on the top floor; living dining, kitchen, and home offices on the main; and a media room and steam room on the lower level that looks out over a round infinity pool. A secondary suite offers greater privacy for an extended family member but is internally connected to the main suite. The roofs are landscaped and open up at multiple points to allow in additional daylight.

Click on any image to view a panorama.

The main dining area is lit by a two-storey volume open to clerestory windows and looks out over the deck to the water.

An open lounge area on the third floor offers a quiet space accessible to the master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, and remaining bedrooms.

The guest suite is generously sized.

The roof line echoes wind-blown waves.

A poolside area is sheltered by the main level deck above. The feature wall flanking the stair is a green wall with a waterfall from the adjacent roof.

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