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Maximize Your Property's Value - Vancouver's "Making Home"

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

If you own a single-family or duplex property in Vancouver and have been curious about the property development process, you may soon be able to increase your property value and its development potential. Mayor Stewart Kennedy's "Making Home" motion was passed on January 26, 2022. This revised proposal "Making Home 2.0" allows as many as six dwelling units on a single-family lot. The first phase will target 2,000 single-family and duplex lots. By building up to six dwelling units on a property zoned RS or RT, you could have as many as FIVE mortgage helpers, or the six units could be stratified and sold.

In Canada, a residential building that contains five dwelling units or more must be designed by an architect. If you're interested in learning more, please use the button below to book a free project consultation call with me!


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