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Don't Build Someone Else's Dream Home

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Those who are starting the journey to designing and building either a new house or renovating an existing house may start out by scouring the internet or magazines for home ideas, but they risk limiting their future satisfaction to what others have done and building something that is more about what is popular with others.

An architect's job is to draw out what makes your needs and tastes unique and to design to that specifically. A good architect doesn't try to fit a particular template to your life, and you shouldn't try to slam together ideas that you've seen in a home renovation magazine or in a house design website. The result will feel disjointed - never truly natural.

Imagine if you stayed long-term in a big suite at a 7-star resort. For a while, it would feel amazing. After a month or two, you would start to notice how limiting the suite actually is. The accommodations provide a generic respite; they're not tailored to your needs. Trying to wrap your life in a design magazine photoshoot will leave you disappointed sooner or later.

Additionally, nearly every building you will see is a terrible performer. The glare of the sun blinds you and overheats the rooms on the South. The rooms on the North are dim and chilly even in the summer. Your feet are cold year-round. The air is stuffy or damp, and you're paying through the nose for heating or AC bills.

Instead of hunting for the perfect picture that someone else has created, let's draw it together to suit YOUR needs. Use the button below to book a free 30-minute Diagnostic Session in which I'll explain the process that allows us to go about finding what makes up YOUR dream.


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