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Designing the Modern House: Forest Homes, March '23

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The process of luxury home design begins before anything is drawn as my video "Your Architect Needs To Do These FOUR Things Before Drawing ANYTHING" explains, but to help explore your stylistic and atmospheric preferences, I prepare hypothetical illustrations. We can explore various architectural flavours and features without spending much time on particulars or committing to a design direction.

In this post, I present some house concepts suited to either the forests of British Columbia or of Japan.

Somewhere between a luxury cabin and a modern house, this whitewashed wood-clad home opens the common area directly the driveway.

This simple and modest house combines traditional materials, conventional forms, and modern styling. Likely, this would be somewhere in the suburbs of a mid-Japan city.

Wall-E has become one with this house.

A peek at another modest but durable house clad with shou sugi ban planks and Öko skin boards.

Are you curious about the actual design process for an architectural project? You can read more and download a straightforward guide at my Design Process page.

Simple planes and a limited palette help this modern-shaped house fit in better with the forest.

The intent of this exercise is not to create a specific design; the conceptual images are not based on - nor necessarily adapted to - any particular context. Some images may show some unresolved artifacts, but each is a "loose sketch" of a sort to generate a look and feel from which you can pick out things you love and those that don't resonate with you.

Bold but not daring. This boxy, large home somewhere in inland Asia is unmistakeable for any passersby.

This house in the woods perhaps came as a giant IKEA set.

Red cedar and titanium zinc bring a 'pop' to this ultra-modern home in the forest.

A boardwalk in the forest leads to a refuge clad in weather steel that ages in much the same way the bark of the trees do.

Are you inspired to build your own modern house nestled in a forest in the Lower Mainland (or anywhere else in British Columbia, really)? Perhaps you're considering a Passive House or Net Zero home to protect you from Canada's increasingly extreme weather. Maybe you demand a healthy, luxurious house but are unsure of how to keep the cost of construction down. During my Pre-Design Diagnostic Session™, we determine your needs, priorities, and goals as the first step of my SAPPHR Strategy™.

Leverage the benefits of a modern house architect and book a free Diagnostic Session during which I can explain the first steps to take.

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