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Book a free Diagnostic Session with Daniel Clarke.  Discuss climate resilient design options for your next luxury house or multifamily building.

Build better, for less.

The Diagnostic Session is the first step in a process whereby you and I explore your needs and priorities and the opportunities and limitations of the property.  An overview of this process can be found at this link HERE.  Your home can last a century of severe wind storms, floods, wildfire, earthquakes, and snow storms; and you can remain perfectly comfortable inside through heatwaves and cold snaps to the end of your days.  This combination of attributes is what I refer to as an "ultra high-performance" house -- the UltraHome™.  Leverage my connection to the world of high-quality buildings.  Click the button to book your free Diagnostic Session to discuss your next house or multifamily building.

You've probably heard more great things about Passive House projects and Net Zero homes, and you're wondering if it makes financial sense.  I have over two decades of experience bringing residential and commercial buildings to reality, and I can guide you into the world of high-performance construction.  Don't invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into building until you understand how to optimize a project and get control over cost.

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