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RED Report™

OPTIONS: What You Need to Know

This Real Estate Development (RED) report summarizes the basic options for redevelopment as a tool to help you in your decision to buy and/or redevelop a property.  Each property is unique and subject to different regulations; the report therefore offers you different options for building.  Just as you wouldn’t buy a new car or truck before first researching the reliability, performance, passenger and storage capacity, you would want to know what you can and cannot build on a given property before buying it or making plans to build. 

DCA LCC 04 v2 REDPlan - Renovations Page 006_edited.jpg
DCA LCC 04 v2 REDPlan - Laneway + Infill Page 003_edited.jpg
DCA LCC 04 v2 REDPlan - New Build Page 003_edited.jpg
DCA LCC 04 v2 REDPlan - Renovations Page 003_edited.jpg
DCA LCC 04 v2 REDPlan - Laneway + Infill Page 002.png
REDPlans cover.png

Whether you are a homeowner with plans to start or grow your family, an owner adding a mortgage helper or more rental, a realtor helping a client sell their house or buy a new property, or a developer building new and selling for a return on investment, you’re interested in making changes.  Whatever your motivation, this summary offers a quick comparison of virtually every option available.  You don't have to pay for options that don't apply; four versions of this report are available:

  • Renovation and Remodel

  • New Build

  • Laneway Housing and Infill Housing (in applicable jurisdictions)

  • Full RED Report (includes all three options above)

If you or someone you know is considering redeveloping, download this reference to the RED Report™.


Determine which redevelopment summary would be of most value to you.  Then, call me to discuss ordering the selected version; you can book an appointment using the button below.

Once you've reviewed your options and selected one that you want to pursue, you should consider a detailed analysis.  My R.A.D. Study™ confirms, refines, and explores further your preferred development option.  During your phone appointment, I can explain the processes further.

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