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If you and I decide that we would work well together, the first step is to order a Pre-Design Diagnostic Scan.  I offer two stages, as detailed below:

Pre-Design Diagnostic Scan™

The purpose of the Pre-Design Diagnostic Scan is to give you a summary of all the regulatory documents with which your project must comply.  Included are the following:

  • Zoning synopsis for property's current zoning designation

  • List of building codes and bylaws in effect

  • List of permits required

  • Green building standard required (e.g. Energy Step Code, Passive House, LEED)

  • Summary of consultants required on the project

RAD Study™

The RAD Study builds on the scope of a Pre-Design Diagnostic Study by adding information that cross-references some basic parameters of your specific project.  Included are all of the items in a PRS plus:

  • Functional program summary based on our Coffee Meet discussion - Note that this is not a complete Functional Program or Design Brief, but a synopsis to identify applicable regulations.

  • Extracted, edited requirements from the Zoning Bylaw that apply to your project

  • Copies of all the Bylaws and application forms required for all the permits

  • Order-of-magnitude cost estimate

  • Project Planner

  • Document tracker spreadsheet

  • Estimated timelines for Building Permit review and for construction

  • Summary of considerations, challenges, and opportunities for your project

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