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Get Two Houses for the Price of One

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Modern architecture is not all that different from what has been built for the past century. When you buy or build a typically-built new house, it's not long before you have to replace something. Replacing things such as the roof and the windows will get you to maybe 40 years. Even a new "luxury" house with nicer finishes has the same bones as a low-grade house, and the core will deteriorate just as quickly. The house is technically still usually habitable after 30 years but is increasingly problematic.

As rising interest rates shift the market for home buying to favour the buyer, buying an existing house becomes more appealing compared to building new. As long as the wood studs aren't rotten, there is hope.

Consider a house that is renovated or built to a better standard - specifically optimized - and is in almost as good a shape 40 years down the road as when it's built or renovated. The roof, windows, and siding are all still in great shape. What's happened is that you've essentially bought yourself an extra lifespan - really, an extra house. The idea may seem far-fetched, but it's a reality for an increasing number of people. The trick is in the 'how?' and the 'how much?'.

The benefit of hiring a Passive House or Net Zero architect is that the house will not only look stunning but also perform amazingly well. Book a Project Consultation Call with me, and I will explain how my SAPPHR Strategy™ can deliver this sound investment.


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