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Get More House for the Same Price

If you're considering building a new house or overhauling your existing one, you may not realize that you're wasting money on what you don't need and what you don't use. You may have seen a number of articles on my website that discuss ultra high-performance; I'm going to explain here what that is and why you can afford it.

Some people only want a base model car that gets them from Point A to Point B. They might want a house that just shelters them from the sun and keeps out (most of) the rain, wind, and cold - a place to sleep at night - for the lowest cost. Spending more money on extra performance seems unnecessary. I can appreciate that perspective. After all, why waste money one something you don't need?

However, the ride from Point A to Point B in that base model car is probably no fun and likely more than a little uncomfortable. Maybe it takes a lot longer to get there, or you're limited in

My aim is to show people how


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