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Don't Install Air Conditioning In Your House - You're Wasting Your Money

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

At least, don't install it yet.

Though summer of 2022 has gotten off to a late start in BC, we can expect more heatwaves this year. Maybe there will be another heat dome, maybe not. Regardless, it will be hot, and you will be uncomfortable in your home. Portable air conditioning units have only so much capacity, and they're probably already not keeping the rooms they're in sufficiently cool.

Imagine you've put away your groceries in the refrigerator, and you leave the fridge door wide open. A few hours later, the food isn't cold, and likely mostly spoiled. Solution? Buy a new, stronger refrigerator, of course.

Ridiculous, right? Of course, but that's what you'd be doing if you get an A/C system installed in your house right now. Why? Your house is leaky. The best domestic air conditioning equipment generally available is only just able to deal with typical construction at current temperatures. Higher temperatures will require larger equipment.

For example, check on Google Maps satellite view for Google Earth, and look up the Palm Jumeirah. You'll see the houses there have very large cooling equipment on the roof - sometimes concealed under a roof - sometimes not. That is very expensive equipment. On the other hand, making your house far more airtight is nowhere near as expensive, and you can buy smaller AC equipment than your neighbour, and you'll be comfortably cool.

In my upcoming article, I'll dig further into the AC options out there but more importantly how to fix the air leakage first so that the AC system will actually keep your home cool during heatwaves this summer.

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