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Are You Gambling the Safety of Your Cabin Against Wildfire in British Columbia?

If the number of wildfires in BC and the area burned by them remains the same, it's only a matter of time before any house near a forest is threatened by an approaching or nearby wildfire. If you have a cabin in the interior - perhaps near a lovely lake - or you live near a forested area - such as Maple Ridge

Wildfires have popped up around BC every summer, but wildfires this year have burned a greater area than ever recorded. After June Canadian wildfires blanked the entire continent in smoke, the BC wildfires certainly have garnered a lot of press in just the past month: Downton Lake near Whistler

When an out-of-control wildfire passes through an area with buildings, many of those structures are destroyed. If you want your home to stand up to a fire and still be there in good condition after the blaze has passed through, you have some options.

If you're interested in renovating or building to give your home in the Wildland-Urban Interface a good chance of not being burned to ashes when a wildfire lands there, book a free Diagnostic Session using the button below.

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